Customer Loyalty Program

Sweet 16 loyalty program

You already know all of the great health benefits that our microgreens provide. They help support a healthy diet, immune system, and lifestyle. That’s not the only perk of purchasing from us! Whenever you purchase a tray of Midget Greens, you are automatically enrolled in our loyalty program. No signing up. No spam emails. No keychain card. Just rewards. 

For every 3 trays of Midget Greens you buy, you get a Sweet $16 off your next purchase. We’ll keep track of your purchases, and remind you when you earn a Sweet $16 reward. All you need to focus on is eating healthy. Leave the rest to us!

This loyalty program only applies to individual customers and does not apply to commercial customers.  Please note that rules of the program are subject to change at any time. No worries if this happens! We’ll give you ample notice, and we’ll ensure you can still get your reward. Changes will apply to new purchases only.